Barbara Vayena-Verykiou is a weaver artist located in Patras.
She has a degree in architecture and she worked as an architect in several sectors of the public administration.
Her love for the art of the loom, her childhood memories of her hometown Lefkada and her enthusiasm for the Greek traditional weaving, led her, after retirement, to learn the art of weaving.


“Rizarios” is a Greek institution located at Monodendri village, Zagori , Epiros , which organizes training workshops and seminars in traditional weaving. It also provides display and sale room and an exhibition center. It was “Rizarios” which inspired and initiated her into the ancient art of weaving.


Barbara’s work is primarily inspired by traditional Greek textiles. At the same time she is fascinated using new ideas and patterns from past to the future.
She is exploring different materials, like wool, cotton, fabric rugs, strings, ropes and more, to make her modern designs.


Barbara creates contemporary woven textiles in her traditional Greek loom.
Inspite the fact that hand weaving is a demanding and laborious process, she enjoys to experiment with different materials and a variety of yarns.


Setting up the traditional Greek loom involves:

Making the warp which is the basis of a woven fabric

Dressing the loom, which involves placing the warp on the loom , tying and threading the heedles on the shafts

According to the Greek mythology,  Athena the goddess of wisdom and crafts, invented the loom and she considered herself to be the best weaver. However, a Ledian shepherd girl  boasted that her weaving skills were greater than those of Athena.

In punishment  Athena transformed her into a spider, «Arachne».



Contact Information

Barbara Verykiou
7 Kilkis str. Ag. Vasilios
26504 Patras


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